What should I do to prepare for a plasterer?

Take all furniture and movable items out of the room if possible.  Any items left will be covered in plastic dust sheets.  Tea would also be nice!!!

What about damage to my carpet or flooring?

All the flooring will be covered in sticky plastic sheets or dust sheets.  All wood finishes like skirting or architrave will be covered in masking tape.

How do i know you are using the right products and methods?

I base my advice on 15 years of experience in the building industry, if I don't know how to overcome a problem, which has not happened yet, I will be honest and say.  I will never attempt to do a job I cannot guarantee quality.  A good website for unbiased advise to double check all plastering recommendations is www.plasterersforum.com.

What insurance cover do you have for working on my property?

I have Pubic Liability Insurance cover up to £1million.  This covers any damage done to your property.  I have never caused damage to a property or have an unsatisfied customer yet.  I also have Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £50,000, which covers me incase of giving bad advice.  Never used this either. 

What guarantees do I give?

I will guarantee all work for 10 years.

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